About us

Undici ventuno” translated from Italian means “eleven twenty one”, two numbers that marks two important dates, a period of my life. In 2011 I moved to Italy where I had a chance to know better the traditions of Italian cuisine that was created not by Chiefs, but by the grandmothers, that preserved the traditions of regional cuisine. The uniqueness of Italian cuisine is its simplicity, the dishes created and prepared just from few ingredients, where the most important thing is not the complexity of the dish, but the origin, the quality and authenticity of the products.

This preservation of the traditions, love and attention to the work and to the products raised my curiosity and inspired to look for family companies that passes down from one generation to another the craft secrets and does their best to preserve the local products by following the rules of sustainability, responsibility and sharing the knowledge.

Fascinated by stories and traditions and driven by curiosity, I immersed myself in the search for authentic products and in 2021 I decided to create an e-shop of iconic gastronomy products “Undici ventuno” in order to give a chance for everybody to try and to enjoy products of excellence of Italia and other countries. In this gastronomy shop you won’t find the large selection of the products, but you will find something different, the products that stand out for their quality, history, taste. I invite you to take a look, to browse a virtual shelfs and to try some new tastes!