Built of wood, glass and concrete, Mancini pasta factory is located in the middle of durum wheat fields and is integrated into the landscape, symbolic of how the most advanced technology and tradition can work together to produce the finest pasta possible.
Farm Mancini follows the rules of good agricultural practices, manages their agricultural activities in sustainable and eco-friendly way in order to produce a raw material with the highest and most nutritious quality, with the least possible environmental impact.
They select the varieties of durum wheat that best suits their fields, sow durum wheat in rotation with pulses, harvests durum wheat only when it naturally reaches full maturity and the right moisture content, stores wheat at a temperature of 18°C. The milling process is carried out throughout the course of the year so that pasta could be produced with fresh semolina, through circular bronze die and dried slowly, at low temperatures, that leads to drying times ranging from 24 to 44 hours so you can enjoy the great taste of pasta Mancini.

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