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Organic Chick-Peas


Ingredients: Organic Chick-Peas (cicer arietinum)*.
*From organic farm
Allergen: may contain soy, cereals, gluten, sesame, nuts.
Net weight: 500g.
Average nutrition values for (100g of product): Energy kj/kcal: 1585 / 376; Fat: 4,9g; of which saturates: 0,6g; Carbohydrate: 54,3g; of which sugars: 3,7g; Fibre: 13,8g; Proteins: 21,8g; Salt: 0,015g.
Method of conservation:
Store the product in a dry, cool place away from the light.
: can be used for preparation of many dishes. Perfectly fits for legume or vegetables soup, salad preparation. Mashed chick-peas can be used as side dish for meat or fish.
Best before
: see the bag.
Country of origin: Italy.
Produced and packed by: Azienda Agraria Viola srl.

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Manufacturer: Viola

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