These are the general terms and conditions of sales, that apply to all sales and services through the e-shop


  1.  JSC „Private fridge“(hereinafter – Seller), company code 305693796, VAT code LT100013759311 registration address Kaštonų st. 10 K3-15, LT-92206, Klaipėda, Lithuania is an owner of the online shop (hereinafter e-shop) Seller offers and sells goods to the Customer according these general terms and conditions of sales at
  2. These general terms and conditions of sales at e-shop (hereinafter Rules) is an official document that regulates: rights and responsibilities of Seller and Customer, terms of ordering, payment, delivery and return of the goods, as well as other conditions related to purchasing at or visiting the e-shop
  3. Seller – JSC „Private fridge “, company code 305693796, VAT code LT100013759311 registration address Kaštonų st. 10 K3-15, LT-92206, Klaipėda, Lithuania.
  4. Customer – a person that place an order at or uses other services provided by the website
  5. JSC „Private fridge“ has a right to change the Rules. These Rules are applied to all Customers that has a legal right to purchase goods at e-shop.
  6. In order to purchase on the e-shop it is mandatory to read and accept the Rules before any purchase. The acceptance will be done through the marking of the related space on the website. If acceptance is not given, the order cannot be placed and processed.
  7. By accepting the Rules, the Customer also confirms that he has a right to purchase on e-shop, it means that they are at least 18 years old and their legal capacity is not restricted by court order.
  8. Customer cannot place order if he did not read and accepted the Rules.
  9. Delivery – delivery of the goods, ordered by the Customer at, to the address indicated by the customer at the moment of purchase.
  10. Sales contract between Seller and Customer is considered concluded when Customer places the order at, pays for it according the payment methods indicated in the Rules and gets a confirmation e-mail that his order has been received and processed.
  11. Sales contract between Seller and Customer is valid until fulfillment of the order or cancellation of the contract due to violation of the Rules or Law. The registration of the Customer and the contract can be canceled by the Seller if the Customer does not respect the Rules or his actions violates the law of Lithuania.
  12. Customer must read and agree with the Privacy Policy of the e-shop
  13. The graphic design, functionality of the e-shop, the brand „Undici ventuno“, the goods and the descriptions are all the property of the Seller.
  14. Seller sent all the communication to the Customer by the e-mail indicated by the Customer at the moment of the registration or purchase.
  15. Customer sent all the questions, requests and other information to the Seller by the e-email or other ways, that are indicated on the section „contacts“.


2.1. Customer chooses the products on e-shop  From the chosen products a shopping cart is formed. Once the shopping cart is created Customer can choose if to place an order as a registered Customer or as a guest.

Registered customer – a Customer that creates his personal account on the e-shop website by entering his e-mail address and creating a password. Later on, Customer has to add to his personal account his name, surname, phone number, address for delivery, contact information and to set communication settings.

Guest – a Customer without account, which before placing an order, has to enter his name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and address for delivery.

2.2. The Customer is responsible for providing correct and accurate personal information. Customer is responsible for all the actions made from his personal account.

2.3. A customer has a right to choose what kind of commercial communication and by what means of communication he prefers to receive.

2.4. The information regarding order placement, account registration, invoice, order cancellation will be sent to a Customer to an e-mail address indicated by a Customer.

2.5. Customer‘s order will be processed as soon as Seller will receive the payment for the goods. Seller reserves the right to cancel Customers order in case no payment for the order was made within 3 days.

2.6. Seller will use Personal data provided by the Customer in order to sell and deliver goods, as well as for planning and analyzing activity in accordance with LR law and regulation of personal data protection.


3.1. Customer has a right to purchase goods in e-shop in accordance with Rules.

3.2. Customer has a right to withdraw from the sales contract established at e-shop. The withdrawal must be given in writing no later than 48 hours after the delivery of goods.

3.3. By withdrawing from the sales contract with a Seller, Customer must return all received goods within 14 days from delivery and must cover the cost of return.

3.4. Customer cannot return the goods in case the sales contract was made for:

3.4.1. sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery.

3.4.2. goods, that after delivery are mixed with other products.

3.4.3. food products, if the sold products were in good conditions and of good quality, with a valid expiration date.  High quality food products cannot be returned or exchanged.

3.5. In case of returning goods, they must be of the same quality as purchased, not damaged, with the same properties as it had at the moment of delivery, not used and suitable for selling (no tags or protective films can be removed). The goods must be returned in the original packaging, same configuration as received, providing the proof of purchase.

3.6. If the goods are damaged, not properly packed, the set is not complete, a Seller has a right to reject the returned goods and not return the money to the Customer.


4.1. Customer is obliged to respect the Rules and the laws of Lithuania while shopping at

4.2. Customer is obliged to pay for the purchased goods in the way specified in the Rules and must accept or collect his order by the chosen delivery method.

4.3. Customer is responsible for providing true personal data and in case of changes must update his personal data on his account.

4.4. Customer cannot provide or pass his personal or login information to the third parties.



5.1. The order is processed and shipped after the payment for the order is received. If the payment for the order is not provided within 3 days – the order is cancelled.

5.2. Delivery methods, delivery fees, and delivery exceptions are listed in the section „shipping and delivery of goods“



6.1. Product prices at e-shop are inclusive of all taxes and fees. All prices are in Euros. The products are sold at the prices that are valid at the time of placing the order. Bank fees could be applied depending on the bank used by Customer.

6.2. Customer can pay for the goods through home banking system or by bank card, using the payment methods described on the section „payment method“.

6.3. All the goods that are sold on e-shop has the expiration dates provided by the producers, that are indicated on the packaging.

6.4. The information about the properties of the products sold at e-shop, included in the data sheets, correspond to the true characteristics of the products, as indicated by the producer. Producer is responsible of the correct information about the product. The Seller is responsible of providing this information to the Customer, unless indicated differently by the law.

6.5. Seller is not responsible if the color, the look or other parameters of the products at e-shop does not correspond to the reality due to properties of monitor used by the customer while placing the order or other technical reasons, as well as other reasonably possible discrepancies.

6.6. Seller is obliged to sell the goods in the way that Customer would have a real opportunity to use purchased goods before the expiry date.

6.7. Seller is responsible for selling and delivering only good quality goods, purchased by the customer on the e-shop, as well as for fulfillment of the conditions of return and implementation of other rights and obligations of the Seller provided by legal acts.


7.1. These Rules has been created in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.2. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these Rules.

7.3. In the event of damage, the guilty party shall compensate the other party for direct losses in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.4. The Seller sends all notifications to the Customer to the e-mail provided by the Customer at the time of registration or order placement.

7.5.  Customer sends all notices, questions, complaints and other information to the Seller to the e-mail address provided on the section „contacts“.

7.6. All disagreements regarding implementation of these Rules shall be resolved through negotiations. In case the agreement could not be reached, the disagreements will be resolved by the procedures established by the laws of Republic of Lithuania.